RB Leipzig Could Set a Course to First League Title of Bundesliga

The currently ongoing season of Bundesliga sees the rise of RB Leipzig. It has been known for the last couple of years that Bundesliga is somewhat nothing but Borussia Dortmund and FC Bayern München. It was from the season of 2009/2010 that officially no other teams but München and Dortmund to win the league. München won the league for 7 times while Dortmund only 2 times. Even within the top three places of the league from that season there were only 9 teams being able to get the spotlights of the best 3 teams of Bundesliga.

This season RB Leipzig really makes a difference. The min season result was stunning in which RB Leipzig topped the league standing over München in second place and Dortmund in third place. The beast result of RB Leipzig was in the season of 2016/2017. That season the team was able to secure second place of the Bundesliga. That was considerably the sign that this young club is a force to reckon. Many have said that it really is possible for RB Leipzig to secure the title for the very irst time at the end of this season.

The key is to continue perform as it was within the first half of the season. The team has been on the right way to be on top of the league table for the first half of the season. In total RB Leipzig secured 12 wins, 4 draws, and 3 defeats to top the table. The total goal of the team is 51:23 for the first half of the season. Certainly, it was Dortmund that is known to always be willing to dethrone München from the top spot of the league. Yet, it could actually RB Leipzig that will take the top spot of the league from München at the end of this season.

One of the factors that bring the relatively young team like RB Leipzig to be on top of the league is its head coach, Julian Nagelsmann. He set sail away from Hoffenheim at the end of 2018/2019 season. Even Marco Reus of Dortmund considers it to be highly possible for RB Leipzig to fight for the title until the very end of this season of Bundesliga. His service at Hoffenheim is a remarkable one as well. He was securing Hoffenheim from degradation while also bringing the team to its back to back top four and Champions League position. Obviously, he is the right one to bring the rise of RB Leipzig into reality soon enough by winning the league. https//

Aside of the head coach factor, the strong defense of the team is also crucial to help RB Leipzig climbing the top spot of the league. As for today the team has just conceded 20 goals within its 17 matches of Bundesliga. There are only two teams topping RB Leipzig on that which is Wolfsburg and Monchengladbach. Its main goalkeeper has been outstanding from last season with 16 clean sheets out of 33 total matches of the league. That thing continues this season to boost the performance of the team even further. With great defense comes great attack as well in which RB Leipzig has the names of Timo Werner and Yussuf Poulsen as the team’s top scorers. Both of them were in the top 10 list of top scorers of Bundesliga last season. So far as of today the tea has managed to score 51 goals for the Bundesliga only.

So far since the team was founded in 2009 there has been a second place and a third place on the league. Following that positive history, it is undeniable that taking the top spot of the Bundesliga is just a matter of time. Surely RB Leipzig will get the win of the league soon enough. Maintaining its decent performances as shown within the first half of the 2019/2020 is important to boost its chance to win the league. With the addition of Angelino on loan from Manchester City surely the confidence of the team is at its peak to further cement its place within the top spots of Bundesliga. So, will the rise of RB Leipzig really happen at the end of the 2019/2020?