Chelsea’s Top Four Spot Target is Disappearing after Transfer Fails

The latest update regarding Chelsea FC of London is not a good one. That is due to the actual though of the club manager, Frank Lampard. He is disappointed for sure with the failure of several potential transfers during the winter transfer window of January 2020. That could be worst with the leave of a potential youngster on his move to another team. The so-called transfer fails for Chelsea was initiated by transfer ban given by FIFA for two windows at first. A successful appeal attempt makes it only one window so that Chelsea could make a move on transfers within winter transfer window on January.

Unfortunately, according to Frank Lampard as the team manager it has been nothing but a bust for Chelsea regarding its transfers during the winter transfer window. Among the big deals chased by Chelsea are transfers for Dries Martens and Edinson Cavani. Unfortunately, those two transfers were never done at all. In short there have been no signings at all made by Chelsea during this now-open transfer window for Chelsea. It is such a shame that no transfers could be made to help strengthening the squad of Chelsea towards the end of current Premier League season.

Frank Lampard has indicated long ago that strikers are the focus on Chelsea’s transfers within any upcoming transfer window following the previously given two windows of transfer ban. Thus, it was pretty reasonable for Lampard to target Cavani and Martens to be the new strikers for Chelsea. Despite the official statement of Lampard that there will be no players joining or leaving Chelsea, that is only for the main squad. A potential young player of Chelsea namely Tariq Lamptey has just decided to join Brighton for more chance to play and develop properly. That really makes it worse for sure.

More about the failure of transfers of Chelsea FC of London is that the top four could probably be gone soon enough. Maintaining the position of Chelsea on the top four spots of the Premier League table has been the main objective for now. Despite currently in a clear position from Manchester United with 6-points gap, the absence of new players especially strikers will easily compromise the current spot. Even Manchester United has been successful in bringing Bruno Fernandes from Sporting Lisbon to boost its arsenal. Tottenham on the other hand has just signed Steven Bergwijn. So, two teams below Chelsea on the league standing have a considerably successful transfer window unlike Chelsea.

For long Chelsea has been known to be able to secure high profile transfers of decent players. Back in 2018 the highest transfer fee paid by Chelsea was to bring Kepa Arizabalaga. The number one goalkeeper of Chelsea today was worth GBP 71,600,000 at that time of transfer. Meanwhile in 2017 the club record was the signing of Alvaro Morata for GBP 59,000,000 from Real Madrid. Rounding up the top three there is the transfer of Christian Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund. This was amidst the last transfer secured by Chelsea that cost the team GBP 58,000,000.

Meanwhile rumor has it that Olivier Giroud is about to leave Chelsea. It has been cleared by Frank Lampard though that Giroud will remain at the team. Giroud has been a great addition to the team ever since so that he will not leave. There has been interest towards Giroud for sure but Lampard clearly sure that he will stay at Chelsea. In the end despite the chance to make some deals and bringing in some more players during this transfer window, Chelsea remains pretty much the same as having two-windows transfer ban.

Ending the transfer window with nothing, Chelsea has just managed to hold Leicester City on a draw of 2 goals for each team. Antonio Rudiger scored the first and the last goal of the match for Chelsea. On the other hand, Harvey Barnes and Ben Chilwell scored 2 goals for Leicester within just 10 minutes interval of each other. The next two fixtures to come for Chelsea are highly important. Chelsea will face Manchester United and then Tottenham Hotspur respectively only 4 days on February 18th and February 22nd. Both fixtures are at home so that it should end in a positive way to ensure that Chelsea FC of London will remain at the top four spots above both Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur.